Poyzon~Scene IV-Pink Snapper

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Scene IV~Pink Snapper

I think this page is self explanatory! If you made it this far...Obviously you want to make arrangements..or you have definitely enjoyed yourself! This scene allows you to see the cookie that you will be eating, and the Snapper you might get the opportunity to feel! Be careful...most say it feels like i have a hand inside the Pink Snapper that squeezes your dick every 4 seconds...if you can handle that...you need to contact me...If not..enjoy the pics...and make sure you leave me a message so I know how you enjoyed the site and what i can do to make your life better..... For now...Take a peek of what you came here for..and I look forward to recieving your feedback!

Oh Yeah.................. There you go!!!!!

There you go!

I know......

That's a super huge juicy Clit.....and a super deep-super wet Fat Ass Pussy!!!!! Dakid warned you! Now you're here! What can you do with it???????

Will you make my Pussy look like that? I am willing to let you if you have the confidence!!!!!!

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